Everett's Cove
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    Lebanon, ME 04027

Rentals, Boat Slips & Ramps

NH & Maine Boat Rentals

We deliver to other lakes in the area! A partial list includes Balch Lake (Wakefield, NH and Acton, ME), Sunrise Lake (Middleton, NH), Square Pond (Acton, ME), Mousam Lake (Shapleigh, ME), Lovell Lake (Wakefield, NH), Great East Lake (Wakefield, NH and Acton, ME), Lake Wentworth (Wolfeboro, NH), Pine River Pond (Wakefield, NH), Belleau Lake (Wakefield, NH), Providence Lake (Wakefield, NH), Pleasant Lake (Deerfield, NH), Horn Pond (Wakefield, NH and Acton, ME), Merrymeeting Lake (New Durham, NH), Baxter Lake (Farmington, NH), and Bunganut Pond (Alfred, ME). Minimum rental for deliveries is 3 days.
Click here to view a map of the three Milton ponds.

Jet Skis

Jet Skis, Water Crafts, Wave Runners, Personal Water Crafts. Call them whatever you want, Everett’s Cove rents them. Whether you want to ride solo or take a passenger along, these boats offer a smooth ride with power to spare. Simple operation and responsive handling make them easy to operate. Cruise back and forth across the Maine and New Hampshire state line, or cruise our three lakes and take in the scenery.


Kawasaki 3 Seat Jet Ski
• Seats up to 3 people
• Brand new 2017 watercraft!
• Easy to drive

Hourly: $95.00
3 Hours: $195.00
Daily: $385.00
Weekly: $1,395.00

Pontoon Boats

The perfect way to enjoy a great family day! Pack a picnic lunch or dinner and enjoy our lakes. Our pontoon boats are late model, clean and easy to operate. The boats can accommodate up to 10+ people or 1,400 lbs. Celebrate a birthday, anniversary or any special occasion. Please note: There is no alcohol allowed on Everett’s Cove boats. We inspect all coolers going on to our boats.


20' Sweet Water Pontoon Boat
• Seats 10+ adults comfortably
• Awning, Table, Radio & Bluetooth input (iPod, etc), Swim Ladder
• Engine 50HP fuel efficient 4 stroke
• Late model boat!
20' Sweet Water
1/2 Day (4 Hours):
Full Day (9 Hours): $295.00
Weekly (7 Days): $1,395.00

22' Sweet Water Pontoon Boat
• Seats 10+ adults comfortably
• Awning, Table, Radio & Bluetooth input (iPod, etc), Swim Ladder
• Engine 60HP fuel efficient 4 stroke
• Late model boat!
22' Sweet Water
1/2 Day (4 Hours):
Full Day (9 Hours): $320.00
Weekly (7 Days): $1,495.00

Fishing Boats


14' Fishing Boat with 9.9HP Motor
• 5 person capacity
• 9.9HP 4 stroke motor
• Brand new for 2019!
• No boater education card required
1/2 Day (3 Hrs): $60.00, $20.00 each additional hour
Daily: $120.00
Weekly: $600.00

16' Fishing Boat with 25HP Motor
• 5 person capacity
• 25HP 4 stroke motor
• Electric start and bilge pump
• Brand new for 2019!
• No boater education card required
1/2 Day (3 Hrs): $80.00, $30.00 each additional hour
Daily: $150.00
Weekly: $700.00

Kayaks, Canoes & SUP (Paddle Boards)


Canoes, Kayaks & Stand Up Paddleboards
Hourly: $10.00
Daily: $35.00
Weekly: $175.00

Rental Requirements

• Renters and all the drivers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid automotive drivers license.
• All drivers must be present at time of rental for orientation.
• $500 security deposit required (credit card authorization OK).
• New Hampshire Boating Education required if you enter New Hampshire waters.

Rental Cancellation Policy

Applies to Water Craft, Pontoon and Fishing Boats
• Extreme weather can be cancelled at no charge for the duration of the weather. You cannot cancel a week’s rental because one day is going to rain. This does not include clouds, mist, or chance of a thunder storm. Everett’s Cove is very safety oriented and will work with our customers to provide a safe and enjoyable experience around spotty weather.
• Full and Partial day reservations 48 hours - No charge.
• Full and Partial day reservations 24-48 hours - 1/2 rental charge.
• Full and Partial day reservations less than 24 hours - No refund.
• Multiple day reservations 2 week in advance - No charge.
• Multiple day reservations 3 days - 2 weeks in advance - 1 day charge.
• Multiple day reservations less than 3 days in advance - 2 day charge.
• Multiple week reservations will have double Multiple day reservations charges.

Boat Slips

Leave your boat in the water at Everett’s Cove. Slips are rented by the month or season. When available, we will rent by the day or week.

We open the marina as early in the spring as possible. Usually within 1 week of ice out. Boats can stay until they start to drop the lake. Historically, this is close to Columbus Day weekend. This makes it easy to pull your boat and spend a day at another lake.

Reservation Sheet and 2020 Pricing

Marina Services

Everett’s Cove provides a wide range of marina services that go well beyond merely boat slips, rentals, and fuel. We have a fully certified mechanic who can handle most marine repairs, either here at Everett’s Cove or at his nearby shop. We know that you bought your boat to enjoy it on the water, not sitting in a shop waiting for parts or repairs, and we will do everything possible to keep you sailing without interruption.

Storage & Winterization

Let Everett’s Cove get your boat ready for winter. We offer all of the services you need to keep your pride and joy safe and dry during the long, cold New England winters. We will do the winterizing here at Everett’s Cove, then either deliver your boat to you or store it here, ready to prepare it for summer sailing when the ice is out of the water next season. The rates shown below are our 2019 rates. Click here to download our complete 2019-2020 rate sheet.

Inboard - Inboard/Outboard Winterizing

• Fog Engine
• Drain and refill block with Anti-Freeze
• Grease all fittings
• Spray engine with corosion guard
• Stabilize fuel
• Drain and refill lower unit gear lube
• Top off all fluids
• Change oil and filter up to 5 quarts
• Disconnect battery
• Replace Fuel/Water separator filters (if present)


Outboard Winterizing

• Fog Engine
• Grease all fittings
• Lube Steering • Stabilize fuel
• Drain and refill lower unit gear lube
• Top off power trim fluids
• Spray with corosion guard
• Change oil and filter up to 5 quarts (4 STROKES)
• Disconnect battery
• Replace Fuel/Water separator filters (if present)

2 Stroke 30HP or less $55.00
2 Stroke Above 30HP $75.00
4 Stroke $145.00

Personal Watercraft Winterizing

4 Stroke (includes oil & filter change) $110.00
2 Stroke $60.00

Winter Storage

Indoor (Sold Out)
Outdoor $275.00

Shrink Wrap $13.00/foot


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